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Joyent Partners with Canonical on Customized Ubuntu as a Cloud Service

Joyent, well-known on the cloud computing scene and a growing player in Big Data analytics, announced a partnership with Canonical today to provide customers with optimized and supported Ubuntu server images in the Joyent Cloud. Effectively, users will be able to leverage a Canonical-customized Ubuntu in the cloud.  The two companies also want to enable developers and enterprises to create mobile, big data and high-performance applications on Ubuntu and Joyent’s OS-Virtualized cloud platform. "As companies, Joyent and Canonical share core values:  we both embrace community and open source technologies, and we both believe in delivering to users a high-performance experience that is tailored to their unique needs,"said Joyent SVP of Engineering Bryan Cantrill, in a statement.  "Running certified Ubuntu images from Canonical as hardware-virtualized guests on SmartOS in the Joyent cloud means customers will have access to best-of-breed features coupled with exceptional support." Joyent’s cloud platform is known for its flexible orchestration and management suite.  Canonical has been working to enhance Ubuntu to work efficiently with Joyent Cloud, including delivering an advanced security and authentication model and providing tools for faster initialization and configuration of cloud images.  For customers that also want to ensure that they have options

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