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SUSE Cloud 3 Arrives for OpenStack IaaS Private Clouds

SUSE has announced theavailability of SUSE Cloud 3, the next version of its OpenStack distribution for building Infrastructure-as-a-Service private clouds. The offering is especially focused on data centers where administrators want to take advantage of multiple types of computing environments, and it has full support for VMware vSphere through integration with VMware vCenter Server. SUSE Cloud 3 is based on OpenStack Havana and includes support for Orchestration (Heat) and Telemetry (Ceilometer).  It also includes support for OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder), OpenStack Networking (Neutron) and the plug-in model of these projects. ary Chen, research manager for cloud and virtualization system software at IDC, said, in a statement. "Success for OpenStack in the enterprise will depend on several factors, including ease of installation and management and support for mixed hypervisors. In addition, the growth and openness of the OpenStack community and APIs has created a diverse ecosystem which will help organizations fit their existing technology, as well as new technology, within their OpenStack clouds. SUSE Cloud 3, based on the latest OpenStack Havana release, includes many enhancements that address these needs for the enterprise." Indeed, many network administrators are concentrating on how to optimize cloud computing platforms and virtualization in tandem.

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