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How To Set Up Unlocator DNS Under Linux To Access Netflix, Hulu, CBS, ABC, Pandora and More Outside The US

Tunlr, a free DNS service that allowed its users to access US-based on-demand Internet streaming providers from outside the US, was shut down recently. For those who are looking for a reliable alternative, there’s Unlocator, a similar service that you can use to watch Netflix, Hulu, CBS, MTV, PBS, ABC, Pandora and more no matter where you live.The service is free to use while in beta (I’m not sure when it will be out of beta) and once it leaves the beta, it will cost $4.95 / month.At the time I’m writing this article, Unlocator supports 78 services, including: Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, ABC, AMC, BBC, CBS, Channel4, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Fox, HBO Go, MTV, NBC, PBS, Showtime, TV.com, VEVO, USA Network, VH1 and others. A complete list can be found HERE.While Unlocator works as advertised, there is one issue: using the Unlocator DNS permanently is not a good idea for privacy/security reasons, speed and so on. For this reason, I’ve adapted the instructions for Tunlr I wrote a while back on WebUpd8, for Unlocator. How to properly configure the Unlocator DNS under LinuxAgain: you can simply change your DNS servers to those provided by Unlocator if all you want is

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