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GNOME Shell Clipboard Extension GPaste 3.8 And 3.3 Available In PPA

GPaste is a clipboard management system that comes with a command line interface as well as a GNOME Shell extension. The application features URIs (remembers copied files, not just text) and pictures support, option to backup / restore the clipboard history and other useful features.GPaste 3.3 (for GNOME Shell 3.9.5 and older) and GPaste 3.8 (for GNOME Shell 3.9.90 and newer) were released recently and are now available in the WebUpd8 GNOME 3 PPA.Changes for GPaste 3.8 (from the previous version available in the PPA):new growing-lines feature – this feature detects if a new copy is an extension of another one and replaces it if that’s the case, useful for not polluting your clipboard with variations of the same text;the gnome-shell applet has been totally rewritten and is now more intuitive;the GPaste settings look has been updated to better fit with recent GNOME (GPaste now uses header bars, etc.);new gnome-shell DBus client library;keybinder now uses GNOME Shell if available to grab keys;port to newer glib;preparations for Wayland port;enhanced internal memory management;performance improvements;fixes.Changes for GPaste 3.3:New growing-lines feature (backported from 3.8)Install GPaste 3.8 / 3.3 in UbuntuThe PPA below currently provides:GPaste 3.8 for Ubuntu 14.04 (GNOME Shell 3.10);GPaste 3.3 for Ubuntu

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