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Ignore Microsoft, Dice on Linux, and Ubuntu Menus

It was one of those slow news days in the feeds and searches, but there were a few eye catchers. PCPro is running a piece telling LibreOffice to just ignore Microsoft’s attempts to retain their monopoly in UK government offices. In what’s turning into a series on Linux jobs, Libby Clark talks to the Dice president about Linux hiring in IT today. And in a long overdue about-face, Canonical seems to bringing local menus back to Ubuntu applications. PCPro.co.uk spoke to The Document Foundation’s Italo Vignoli on Microsoft’s response to the news that the UK government was planning to move to Open Source and away from expensive proprietary solutions. Apparently, Microsoft didn’t take the news well and is trying to sway partners and government officials to use its standards, formats and software. Vignoli said of course Microsoft would feel that way but it’s not the best for users. Libby Clark has written another piece on the Linux job situation, this time talking to Dice President Shravan Goli. He begins by saying Linux pros usually parlay their skills into careers, not just jobs. He says Linux skills have been in high demand for years and don’t appear to letting up any

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