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Create Classy Slow Motion Videos In Linux With slowmoVideo

slowmoVideo is a Qt application for Linux and Windows that can be used to create beautiful slow motion videos. But don’t think all it does is change the video playback speed! The tool can smoothly slow down and speed up the video with optional motion blur.The application is not new and is actually quite popular, but I just realized I never covered it on WebUpd8, so I though I’d let you know about this cool application, in case you’re not familiar with it.To get an idea on what the application can do, you can watch a video created by the slowmoVideo developer from an image sequence: Timelapse retiming (slow motion) from Simon A. Eugster.He explains:”Source material for this video was an image sequence shot with a Nikon D90. The clouds were moving so quickly that even with shorter intervals (9 seconds; For a different timelapse I used 20 s which was still enough for the clouds there) the video was playing too fast.”Here’s another video which has only some parts in slow motion: Short dream – Hair in slow-motion from Simon A. EugsterslowmoVideo features:can be used with any video format supported by ffmpeg;supports loading image sequences;motion blur can be added

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