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Silly Names, GNOME Wayland, & SUSE Growth

Today’s highlights include another silly-names-of-open-source post, this time by Bryan Lunduke. Sam Varghese spoke to Nils Brauckmann, SUSE president, about their latest successes. Nick Heath is reporting of more Munich Open Source migration. WorldofGNOME.org covered a post by Matthias Clasen on Wayland in GNOME and Michael Meeks blogged on his response to the UK Cabinet Office’s open standards recommendations. Bryan Lunduke at NetworkWorld.com shared a few of his favorite silly project names today. These include GNU, KDE, and Ubuntu. He finally suggests Ubuntu take a lead from GNU and KDE saying: "Ubuntu is Best Under phoNes and Tables Uh-huh!" and "Ubuntu Better, Unilaterally, Never be installed on Tablets… or Unicorns." So, if you’re looking for some light reading that may solicit a chuckle out of you, see Bryan’s full post. Nick Heath at ZDNet.com is covering Munich, Germany’s continued move toward Open Source software and open standards. Heath said, "The City of Munich has chosen to use the Kolab Enterprise groupware software to manage mail, calendar, task, and contact lists." This move is to be complete by the end of the year, adding to Munich’s €10m savings. Get more details at ZDNet.com. ITWire’s Sam Varghese spoke to SUSE President Nils

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