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MATE Desktop 1.8 Released

After 11 months of development, MATE 1.8 has been released, bringing various refinements and new features such as support for Metacity as window manager, side-by-side window tiling and more, as well as many bug fixes.Initially, MATE 1.8 was supposed to be based on GTK3, but this was pushed back to MATE 1.10 “because there is still a good deal of work to be done to get it really stable”. GTK3 applications still integrate nicely with MATE, just like in the previous 1.6 version, however MATE 1.8 continues to be based on GTK2.For those not familiar with MATE, this is a GNOME2 fork which lets you use the old GNOME 2 desktop interface and applications but it also allows you to use new applications so for instance, you can use Nautilus 3 with it and so on. Also, MATE can be installed in parallel with GNOME 3, something that wasn’t possible with the vanilla GNOME 2. What’s new in MATE 1.8Changes in MATE Desktop 1.8:Control Center: added support for Metacity as window manager;Marco (window manager): added side-by-side tiling (windows snapping);Caja (file manager): added option to use IEC units instead of SI units;added “Open parent location” option

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