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Command Line YouTube Player `mps-youtube` Gets YouTube Playlists Support, More

mps-youtube, a command line tool to search, play and YouTube videos with local playlists support, has received quite a few changes since our previous article about it. The most important new feature is YouTube playlist support: you can now search and play YouTube playlists.Searching YouTube playlists in the latest mps-youtubeUnfortunately, mps-youtube doesn’t yet support downloading complete YouTube playlists, but hopefully this will be added in a future release.Here are the most important changes in mps-youtube since our previous article (current version: 0.1.38)added prompt to mux audio on m4v download;faster opening of audio streams;added “pls <query>” command to search for YouTube playlists;added “pl <playlist url>” command to open YouTube playlist url;added “dlurl <YouTube url>” command for directly downloading a YouTube video;added “playurl <YouTube url>” command for directly playing a YouTube video;added “url <YouTube url>” command for retrieving a specific YouTube video;added “i<number>” for YouTube playlist information display;added stream url preloading for first item of opened YouTube playlistssame playlist file is now shared between Python2.7+ and Python3+ (was separate);list user uploads using “user <username>”;other changes and many bug fixes.YouTube playlist loaded in mps-youtubeInstall mps-youtube1. mps-youtube can be installed using pip. To Install pip in Ubuntu, use the following command:sudo apt-get install python-pip2.

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