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How To Disable The Spotify Tray / AppIndicator Icon In Ubuntu

The native Spotify Linux client uses a tray icon / appindicator that can’t be set by the icon theme so it doesn’t integrate with the rest of the Ubuntu desktop. Furthermore, Spotify is integrated in the Ubuntu Sound Menu so the tray icon is not needed.Below you’ll find two ways of removing / hiding the Spotify tray icon.After using the instructions below to disable / hide the Spotify tray icon, you’ll have to exit Spotify by selecting File > Exit from its menu. Don’t click the close button on the Spotify window because that won’t close Spotify, it will only hide its window. If you accidentally close Spotify using the window close button, you can bring back its window by opening Spotify again from the menu / Dash (that won’t open another Spotify instance and instead, it will only bring back the running Spotify window).Notes:Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10 and 13.04 only: instead of the instructions below, you can also use a variation of the Spotify Ambiance theme that hides the tray icon, which you can find HERE (look under “Other downloads).the Spotify tray icon is turned into an AppIndicator in Ubuntu by the sni-qt package – you could remove this package to

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