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Package Management and Perl

Anyone who lived through the bad old days of compiling software from source on Linux remembers well the frustration of upgrading one package only to find that it breaks another. I like to think that those days are behind us; and, for the most part, they are. Unfortunately, I found myself in an eerily similar situation after patching a CentOS 6 server, and then trying to run a scheduled Perl job. Package managers are the life blood of a Linux distribution. Without them, the entire house of cards starts to fall down. The open nature of Linux lends to many different people working on many different projects, each bit fitting into another bit in just the right way. I always tell the teams I work with, "stay in the box", as much as possible, you should stay within what the distribution you are working with gives you in the package manager. Yes, it might be a bit out of date, but the frustration you save by having a reliable, and upgradeable system is well worth the cost. There are, obviously, times when stepping outside the box is warranted, but do so knowing full well what you are getting

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