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ClassicMenu Indicator 0.9 Released With New Configuration Options

ClassicMenu Indicator is, like the name says, a classic, old GNOME style menu available as an AppIndicator so it can be used in Unity, as an alternative for those who dislike Dash, but it should also work in other desktop environments.ClassicMenu Indicator 0.9 was released yesterday and comes with bug fixes as well as new options:new configuration options available in the indicator menu: switch between the Ubuntu logo icon or the ClassicMenu indicator icon;hide/show menu icons;hide / show hidden items;use alternate menu;use desktop-specific menu if available (uses $XDG_MENU_PREFIX). This fixes the menu on e.g. Xubuntu.Note: When changing some of the new configuration options, it will take a while until the changes are applied.Download ClassicMenu IndicatorDownload ClassicMenu Indicator (deb and source files available)Alternatively, to get automatic updates, you can install ClassicMenu Indicator by using a PPA:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:diesch/testingsudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install classicmenu-indicatorIf you encounter bugs, report them @ Launchpad.
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