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TLP 0.5 Released, Install It In Ubuntu [Tool That Helps Save Battery Power]

TLP, a tool that applies various settings and tweaks that help your laptop save battery power, was updated to version 0.5 which includes better support for some ThinkPad models as well as some new features and bug fixes.Changes in the latest TLP 0.5:tpacpi-bat: auto detection of all ThinkPad models (v2.1);tlp-stat: include newer models in tpacpi-bat suggestions;tlp-rdw: support newer docks;Handle special case where BAT1 = main battery (Thinkpad Edge/L/S series);Fix: sound power save depending on power source ac/bat;Fix: don’t touch devices in RUNTIME_PM_BLACKLIST or excluded by RUNTIME_PM_ALL=0;Fix: do not write sata link power when not configured;Fix RESTORE_DEVICE_STATE_ON_STARTUP;Restore bay power state upon resume only when on bat power and the setting is active;Use nmcli before rfkill to change radio state; re-enable wifi on shutdown when not explicitly configured (Ubuntu 14.04).Install TLP in Ubuntu / Linux MintBefore installing TLP, make sure “laptop-mode-tools” is not installed and if it is, remove it (there are conflicts between TLP and laptop-mode-tools):sudo apt-get remove laptop-mode-toolsUbuntu / Linux Mint users can install TLP by using its official PPA. Add the PPA and install it by using the following commands:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linrunner/tlpsudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install tlp tlp-rdwTLP will start automatically on startup but to avoid having to restart

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