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New OpenStack Resources Flowed Out of the Atlanta Summit

Last week was filled with soundbytes and announcements from OpenStack Summit in Atlanta, and there were also announcements of several new services and resources surrounding the OpenStack cloud platform. In case you missed some of the most important ones, here is what you need to know, whether you are considering an OpenStack deployment or already have one underway. One of the most notable announcements from last week was an overhauled OpenStack Marketplace. The Marketplace is a good spot to start at if you are looking into various distributions of OpenStack, looking into training, or if you want other types of resources. There are components on Software Distributions and Converged Appliance options, and you can also find a Consultants and System Integrators section. Also check out the Drivers section to learn the status of ongoing integration and compatibility testing. Meanwhile, OpenStack-focused Mirantis is launching Stackalytics.com, a dashboard that can give users information about which infrastructure tools are interoperable with OpenStack. Stackalytics leverages the DriverLog open source initiative that is kept up by the OpenStack community. We covered Stackalytics here.  Among other things, Stackalytics offers installatinon and deployment instructions for products that it tracks, and information on whether a vendor’s OpenStack products have

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