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More NSA Fallout, Linux Time Warp, and the Ultimate OS

In tonight’s news, the Linux Journal publishes more on the NSA surveillance of Linux users and the Electronic Frontier Foundation throws in their thoughts too. Wired.com has a look back at Linux including a funny video. And finally, Gary Newell asks if you want to help fund the ultimate operating system. The Linux Journal seems to be taking in stride all this attention its been getting the last couple of days. Katherine Druckman asked today, "Are you an extremist?" If so, wear it proud and stamp your online profile picture with the "Linux Journal Extremist Reader" stamp available in white, red, or black. In other posts at the LJ, Kyle Rankin discusses just how disturbed the leaked code has him and his. Doc Searls posted on privacy issues and Kyle Rankin has Tails howtos. On the same topic, the EFF says, "Dear NSA, Privacy is a Fundamental Right, Not Reasonable Suspicion." The Wired online looks back at Linux and begins with the video of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer mocking Linux "dressed as characters from The Matrix." Wired says "Linux would have the last laugh" though. Today, Wired says, Linux not only survived but has "changed the

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