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Peppermint OS Reviewed, GNU Radio in Space, and KNOPPIX 7.4.0

Our top story today in Linux news is Jack M. Germain’s review of Peppermint OS. The Free Software Foundation is reporting that GNU Radio controls the ISEE-3 Spacecraft. OpenSource.com is wondering what is programmers’ favorite hacking food and Canonical is looking for community wallpaper submissions. KNOPPIX 7.4.0 was released, Linus in back in the news, and Source 2 is coming to Linux. All this and more is in tonight’s Linux report. Peppermint OS is what Jack Germain calls a cross between a traditional desktop and a cloud platform. I dismissed it at the onset thinking it was strictly the latter. He says, "It brings cloud apps to the Linux desktop with the ease and flexibility of a Chromebook. It marries that concept to the traditional idea of having installed software that runs without cloud interaction." With LXDE, Germain feels this mix is the "best of both worlds." After a thorough review Germain concludes, "The Peppermint OS does not get lost in the look-alike collection of Linux distros. Its very successful Web-centric feature has the potential for taking the Linux desktop in a new direction. Peppermint 5 stands out from the crowd." KNOPPIX 7.4.0 was released yesterday, I saw the announcement

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