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Zorin OS winner stories

First of all, Zorin team, Linux notes from DarkDuck and Linuxaria would like to say THANK YOU to all the participants of the contest that we ran for last few weeks. It was a real pleasure to see such a response, and to read all your article. As you probably know the winner have been announced in another post and today I want to publish some of the best articles that we’ve received.
So have fun in reading these article of other Linux users.

This entry is by Andrew Ross:
Here is my entry:
‘I have been using various levels of computers since the mid 1980′s starting with the trusty Commodore 64 as a 21st present. I naturally graduated to Windows over time. Over the years, after several versons, I became increasingly frustrated with the slowness of Windows. Security is a big issue for Windows nowadays with ‘holes’ and viruses etc popping up all the time. That was when my attention drifted over to Linux’s immunity to Windows-based viruses.
I had attended a basic Unix course in the 80′s so had an ‘inkling’ of what Linux was about (even though the only vague similarity is the UI). I wasn’t sure how to install Linux or even was I was able to do with it. An English tourist (here in New Zealand) introduced me to Ubuntu. I was amazed at how useful it was. That started my addiction to Linux distro hopping.
I tried many different distros before finally settling on Zorin 6. I was very impressed with Zorin’s user-friendliness and attention to detail. I quickly installed Zorin 6 Ultimate. Every release has simply got better and better. Since then I have installed Zorin OS 7 Ultimate on my PC and Zorin 7 Lite on my netbook. When released I installed Zorin 8 on both my PC and netbook. I will install Zorin 9 shortly on

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