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CrunchBang Linux

Homepage: http://crunchbang.org/projects/linux/

It’s like Ubuntu, only different. CrunchBang Linux is my attempt at remastering Ubuntu Linux, it’s the Linux distribution I’d like to be able to download, install and use.

I’ve developed CrunchBang Linux for personal use and I’m currently running various builds on all of my systems, both at home and work. I didn’t develop CrunchBang Linux with the intention of releasing/distributing it, indeed it’s probably not fit for general consumption; however, I’ve decided to release it under the premiss that someone may actually find it useful. If you do decide to download, please pay special attention to the disclaimer below.

Differences between Ubuntu and CrunchBang

  • CrunchBang utilises the lightweight Openbox window manager
  • ROX-Filer and Thunar are used as file managers instead of Nautilus
  • Epiphany used as default web browser, Firefox remains available
  • Out-of-the-box support for multimedia. MP3, Adobe Flash, DVD playback etc.
  • Sans brownness. CrunchBang uses a modified Darkilouche GTK theme and Tango icons